I believe in any individual seeking to discover, accept, and develop their uniqueness. My work is to nourish the seedlings of an individuals’movement garden. I work with students to find the key to open their intuition. The students develop their language of expressive movement while listening quietly and deeply to the musicality of their bones. This practice allows the individuals to embrace the energy and power to be generous and surrender. The motion of giving up is an exploration into your backspace. This is bridging our back and the space behind us, physically and metaphorically: the freedom of falling up. I incorporate my contemplative practices, Tai-Chi, Kung-Fu, Qigong and spiritual practices. My instruction and guidance are simple and playful yet articulated, expressive, and structured.

The intense involvement of the Rudolf Laban 9-point system, my classical ballet training, contemporary movement instruction and expressive vocabulary are all involved. A spatial and mathematical diagram is used with structural improvisations and experimentation This is a discovery process for individuals to invent themselves without thinking about choreography, design, or imitation. I engage hope and inspiration with a quiet determination. Imagination is the initiator.
I introduce books, videos, poetry, props, strings, guests, music, articles surrounding us in the room and nature. I believe in an exchange of ideas and thoughts. Dialogues are encouraged. We are learning equally from one other. I organize, guide, and am responsible for the students and the class, and I create a non-hierarchical atmosphere: circular as if a wheel or kaleidoscope.
Dancing is my life and passion. This passion and energy is with me where ever and with whomever I work and create with. My garden is a community garden.
If you try to grasp onto something, it may not shift space. If we cannot shift space, we cannot move. If we cannot move, then we are not living, breathing, or being. If we are not being, how may we be happy? Basically, Amanda Science is about discovering our happiness through movement, and with movement being able to share our happiness, resulting in an organic process and emotion we title/name love. It is an undefinable sensation, feeling, instinct, and therefore we are always in the middle of it while searching for it. It sleeps within us, and when it awakens it is euphoric.