At the moment, I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the house I was born in 1961.
"Amanda, the dancer"...I have always loved to dance.
At the present time I dance, choreograph, instruct, teach, direct plays and operas, create improvisations, and facilitate fundraisers and events. I have organized benefits and works in India and Japan to share dance as an innovative art.  Dance as a very simple but powerful tool for communication, awareness, and peace.
Before, I worked with Ballett Frankfurt and then I created Pretty Ugly, a dance company. We were based in Germany.
Inspiration comes from working together with dancers and non-dancers, visual artist, musicians, those with an openness.
Sometimes we just need to be reminded of our playfullness and joy?

After many years , I have decided to come home: to reflect and to re-create;
to guide people through the process of movement and work; to experience the freedom and self-discipline of expression and sensitivity of creating space with ones body, inside and out;
to understand the hierarchies of our bones and thoughts; to break them down to the simplest, and start to create and  re-create:the process of an artist.