Manifesto Pretty Ugly Dance Company/”amanda science”

Noh Theater, less not More Theater, how to make something out of nothing,
if it does not fit in the suitcase it cannot travel with us...
the budget is exactly…no more no less….
divide how you wish, yet be responsible …
What are my options, how much time and equipment do I have?
Recycle what-ever is available and always check the costume, material and set fundus/hidden
treasures in storage...
pay everyone fairly, they have lives too
never bootleg music, whenever possible have a dialogue with the composer or musician
pay royalties and be fair, consistent, and conscientious….
Thank everyone you are working with because they are working for you, as you are working for
them, it is a team effort….
Create an indescribable world
touch others and their lives, let them do the same for you….
Equality in every aspect
share hugs and water, unless you have a cold
never copy, though you may need to imitate, inimitable is the goal…

never speak unkindly about a colleague...positive and constructive criticism...
place yourself in the other person’s shoes, they may not understand your language
always be prepared to translate and transform, most importantly if this requires letting go of
who you think you are, you may discover another self
if time, study another language, adaptability, and cultural exchange
let the Earth around you be your guide for lighting, sound, emotions and how to turn a theater
into a magical journey, imagine if you could turn it inside -out…
fight for what you believe in, be a peaceful warrior
beauty is in the eye of the beholder
oxymoron’s, yin/yang, double-edged sword, if I /you had an identical twin and they looked just
like me, I them
imagine you were born upside-down, your hands and feet exchange responsibilities to gravity
there are no short cuts
explore the state of ephemeral self-discipline
ABUSE does not exist, not to ourselves, not to others, nor by others
patience…listener, listening to another as if a) your enemy b) a casual acquaintance, stranger c)
someone you love, respect, adore, admire
listen to nature…animals, trees, wind, lightning, rain, river, oceans, lava, trees, forests,
avalanches, breaking waves everything and everything…a shooting star
focus, forget, focus

prepare, practice, prepare, practice, prepare, practice, prepare, practice, prepare, live ….be
in best of all possible worlds, be vulnerable, venerable, allow humility to dissolve your fears…
hold hands, both your two hands and others… this includes the paw of an animal
laugh…forgive...make mistakes, they are inevitable, stones and obstacles on the path of our
individual and interdependent growing process
practice the gesture, movement, and idea…” hate is finished” …Swami Ji
there is not a hell, know how to walk away when it is approaching
hear the dance/see the music
read any and everything, visit art museums, churches, cathedrals, temples, synagogues,
mosques, ancestral grounds, cemeteries, prisons, etc. Places where cultures exist, the past,
present, the future, the future of a culture which exists, existed, or soon to exist in the galaxies
and Milky Way, who knows? Pompeii
know within your body and molecules there is so much information waiting to be un-tapped,
acknowledged and to be worked with, the creative process of you and be grateful
trust the unknown, the invisible, leaps of faith, your leap of faith, intuition, quantum
be as compassionate and empathetic as you cannot imagine, there is so much that needs to go

do the best you can in forgiving the cruelty of others, thou it may seem impossible, the shimmer
of light is healing, for both you and them
when Angry count backwards for 10 seconds, simultaneously stomping or gently walking for 10
steps backwards or pretend you are a 250-pound female anaconda snake moving across a dry
Amazon River bed, (slow and helpless movement, observation via a National Geographic
television show)
sincerely apologize, take time outs and time to communicate concerning the struggle,
disagreement, misunderstanding, friction, it could simply be a matter of physical and/or
mental exhaustion
TECHNIQUES…if you feel you are ask the other person or group
Toxins and poisonous thoughts, words, actions or habits DANGEROUS… WE ARE A
The ballet saal, room, studio, theater, place of improvisation, performance or demonstration,
our kitchen is our temple, revere it and live deeply within it
Never give up and if it feels that scary and inevitable, call a friend, cry, safely take a walk, talk to
a stranger, hug a tree, animal, child, cry out to your earth angels or guardian angels, wrap
yourself in your wings, cocoon, find the safest place in your room, apartment, and sit, crouch,
crawl, yet allow yourself to be yourself and be in pain and be with your hurt, it is hurting also…
Invite the dark to become warm…

Know when to stop….

love being an artist/being an artist is love...